Education Innovation Powered by Students

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Welcome to Operation Impact

All Harvard students from all levels (across all degree-granting programs) - are welcome to participate in Operation Impact. This year, we warmly invite MIT students to join our education innovation community at Harvard. 

Our mission is to empower students to become agents of change in the field of education. By providing students with resources, funding, and connections, we have built a runway for their innovative ideas to take off and have a measurable impact on learners of all ages globally. 


Our goal is to provide as many students as possible  with hands-on experiences so that they learn how to catalyze improvements in teaching and learning. By asking students to dream big - and start small, we are building their innovation mindset and toolbox so that, regardless of their career paths, our alumni will passionately take action and collectively produce measurable outcomes.  

Check out the Harvard Gazette piece on us! 


About us

Operation Impact is a Harvard and MIT collaboration that is facilitated by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching, which is part of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning Office at Harvard. While HILT has always given out innovation funding for teaching and learning ideas, in 2018, HILT designed a program specifically for student innovation in education in close collaboration with the Social Innovation and Change Initiative (HKS), the iLabs, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and HBS Social Enterprise Initiative.  Starting in 2019, MIT students have been invited to participate as a way to scale the initiative for greater impact.

2019-2020 funding opportunities

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