The Flight Manual

A how-to guide for early-stage innovators in education 

About The Flight Manual

The Flight Manual was designed and created by our Education Innovation Fellows. After meeting with teams during our first year, the Fellows compiled frequently asked questions and created this guide to help support our community. Fellows leveraged their own experiences as innovators and compiled local resources so that this would be useful and actionable for early stage innovators in education.  Whether you are at Harvard, MIT, or somewhere else, we hope this guide helps you make progress on your idea. 

How do we build a business plan?

Business Planning

How do we fund our idea and make it sustainable?

Acquiring Funding

What is the latest education research we can use?

Educational Research

How do we measure impact and success?

Measuring Impact

How do we identify and define a compelling problem to solve?

Identifying a Problem

How do we take the first step toward building and testing our solution?

Testing Solutions

How do we grow our idea beyond our initial success?